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OurMissionBe the Gateway to the Crypto Economy.

About Us

We are Bits of Gold, the largest cryptocurrency broker in Israel since 2013. We believe in technology & innovation, and work every day to make the crypto world accessible to everyone by making our platform simple and secure. We provide easy and regulation-compliant commercial / private services, using several payment methods suitable for everyone. Furthermore, our great support team accompanies our customers through every step of the way, answering any and all questions that arise. Our company has more than 150,000 registered customers include private investors, high-tech companies, financial companies, investment houses, hedge funds, non-profit organizations and more. 


We keep users and funds safe with state of the art technology.
We are fully licensed and lead state regulation efforts.
We make sure Crypto isn't just safe, it's also easy to use.
We believe in the Crypto community, and operate within it.

We comply with the highest standards of regulations.

Bits of Gold is the first crypto company in Israel to issue a Currency Service Provider license for digital currency trading, authorized by the Ministry of Finance in July 2013 (license number 82424). Following changes in legislation, between 2018 - 2022, the company got a permit to continue operating in accordance with the Law on the Supervision of Regulated Financial Services. In September 2022, Bits of Gold became the first active crypto company in Israel to receive a permanent Financial Services Provider license, authorized by the Capital Market Authority (license number 56716).

Meet our

Max is an Israeli brand in the credit and payments field, which holds over 2 million active credit cards, and provides clearing services to more than 40,000 businesses. The company offers a wide range of financial services, including credit card issuance, benefits, clearing services, loans, credit solutions, advanced payment options and more.

For the first time in Israel, max, in collaboration with Bits of Gold, will launch the maxBack Crypto credit card. A credit card that accrues Bitcoin on every purchase (according to the transaction turnover on the card), and is deposited in a dedicated account opened in Bits of Gold.

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